Pixie Dust Marketing, LLC

pix·ie dust


a substance or influence with an apparently magical effect that brings great success or luck.


Pixie Dust Marketing is a full service marketing consulting agency which offers everything from Audience Targeting online, Social Media, TV, and Print.  Whatever your marketing needs are Pixie Dust Marketing is here to serve you!

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an always changing form of advertising.  It is also the future.  Pixie Dust Marketing, LLC puts in the work and research to stay current on all areas of digital marketing from Programmatic to Retargeting.  Your customers are online and we will make it possible for them to find you!

Social Media

 Are you engaging with your customers and clients?   To capture customers trust and loyalty you need to ensure you are connecting with them.  Pixie Dust Marketing, LLC specializes in social media advertising, whether you are brand new to social media or are a boosting expert we will be there to guide you every step of the way in gaining customer loyalty.


Print advertising may not be for everyone, as everyone says print is dead.  Well that is not true.  Depending on who you are targeting print is still alive and well.  Pixie Dust Marketing, LLC will guide you on finding the best publication that meets your audience while finding the perfect call to action to grab their attention.  With our extensive experience and connections in the print industry we will also make sure you are receiving the best price!


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