Why Pixie Dust

We save you time and money!

Why Pixie Dust?

You started your business for a reason!  You had a love and a passion!  Let Pixie Dust Marketing, LLC focus on your marketing and business growth so you can focus on what you love!  With our vast experience in all facets of marketing we will make sure you receive the services you need while saving you time and money!


Saving You Money

In-house marketing can be very pricey!  Media companies also don't always provide the most cost effective campaigns.  Pixie Dust Marketing, LLC has the knowledge and ability to negotiate the best price for you!



Saving You Time

Planning marketing campaigns can be a daunting task.  From coming up with creative ads to dealing with multiple media reps and budgets.  Also taking multiple solicitation calls.  Let Pixie Dust Marketing, LLC handle that for you.  Partner with a company that has 10 years experience in marketing as well as the magic ingredient...Pixie Dust!


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